Enum env_logger::fmt::TimestampPrecision[][src]

pub enum TimestampPrecision {

Formatting precision of timestamps.

Seconds give precision of full seconds, milliseconds give thousands of a second (3 decimal digits), microseconds are millionth of a second (6 decimal digits) and nanoseconds are billionth of a second (9 decimal digits).



Full second precision (0 decimal digits)


Millisecond precision (3 decimal digits)


Microsecond precision (6 decimal digits)


Nanosecond precision (9 decimal digits)

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TimestampPrecision[src]

impl Copy for TimestampPrecision[src]

impl Debug for TimestampPrecision[src]

impl Default for TimestampPrecision[src]

The default timestamp precision is seconds.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for TimestampPrecision

impl Send for TimestampPrecision

impl Sync for TimestampPrecision

impl Unpin for TimestampPrecision

impl UnwindSafe for TimestampPrecision

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